“A” is for Adorable Aubrey Ann

As promised (and because I am a little obsessed) here are some more photos of Aubrey. Yes I agree, we probably went a little over board but I’m allowed when it’s my child and we are the photographers, right?  These are some of our favorites and I have saved my absolute favs for her birth announcement. I hope you enjoy!

YEP, you guessed it, this is one of my absolute FAVORITES!!! Does it get better then this first photo!?!? I just had to share this one.


2 Responses to “A” is for Adorable Aubrey Ann

  1. Kim Walpole says:

    Great photos! I don’t know what it is but I think Hesston might have finally done it, I think I see a little of him in her! ha

  2. Bonnie Ramsey says:

    How beautiful! You are so blessed. Your boys are precious too. My favorite photo of Aubrey is in the little angel sleeper where she’s asleep in the confetti! The Lord bless her and keep her… and all of you!

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